Aceto di vino

The Merlot grapes, from which we obtain our red wine vinegar, retain their characteristic fullness and the intense aromas that are also typical for the wine of the same name. The wine vinegar is therefore a strong accompaniment for our oil as well as for aromatic salads made from asparagus and artichokes, braised vegetables, roasts and game.

250 ml
€ 10,20-
Harmony of perfumes
Fruity aroma
Acidity and persistence to the nose
Aromaticity of wine
Aromaticity of wine
Harmonious and balanced taste
Taste persistence

Perfect harmony

Our mindfully extracted and first-class olive oil deserves a proper companion. For our vinegars, we pay attention to the careful harvesting of the grapes, which are processed into must and, after years of maturation, unfold into high-quality Aceto. Just like our oil, our vinegar is born from soil, plant, sun and wind. And yet producing a high-quality vinegar requires far more patience and centuries of knowledge: For many years, good Aceto matures in wooden barrels to achieve the quality that a suitable partner for our olive oils needs.
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