Hot and lazy summer days pass in our olive grove, as the leaves of the olive trees rustle in a light breeze from the Lessinian Hills. Located in southern Valpolicella, the nearby Lake Garda creates a Mediterranean microclimate that makes olive growing possible in this northern area. At 45 degrees latitude, the temperature difference between day and night is significant. This results in a particularly high number of polyphenols in the olive, and thus an incomparable variety of flavours typical of the region's particularly well-balanced olive oils.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan


With great respect for tradition, our passion for the land and the high-quality produce that grows from it, inspires us to restore the appreciation olive oil deserves.


A tree can be recognised by its fruit, so they say. Thus, for us a healthy tree is the origin and basis of an excellent olive oil. We grow varieties that harmonise with the location and cultivate our olive grove according to the gentle principles of biodynamic agriculture. From the fruits that grow from this careful cultivation, we obtain the best possible olive oil using the latest technological methods: with regular checks on the degree of ripeness, we determine the optimal time for harvesting and within a few days we carry out the harvest by hand. The chilled olives are processed into olive oil at controlled low temperatures in a protective atmosphere. And because all the work is done directly on the farm, it takes only two hours from harvesting the olives to bottling the oil.



The Pan family has been passionate about high-quality food for over 100 years. The two youngest generations of the family are now passionately pursuing new paths in olive growing. In doing so, they remain true to the Pan family's belief in combining tradition, innovation and truly sustainable methods.
The Pan family founds Azienda Agricola Ca' Crespana
Land in Valpolicella is acquired for olive growing
Olive oil Granat Classic is bottled for the first time
Sons Johannes and Simon Pan actively join the company management. In the same year Amethyst, the first olive oil of the Nobile line, is produced
Second in the Nobile line, the Peridot olive oil is produced for the first time
Aceti and olives are added to the assortment

Elisabeth PanElisabeth PanCreative force & factotum
Peter PanPeter PanFounder & olive oil expert, quality assurance
Johannes PanJohannes PanMarketing & Sales
Simon PanSimon PanAgriculture, Olive Growing & Production